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(last updated 17 July 2019)

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The following companies are performing uranium prospection and/or exploration in Ukraine: Vostochny Uranium Ore Mining, Kaboko Mining Ltd (formerly Uran Ltd), Karoo Exploration Corp. (?), Star Minerals Group Ltd.



Areva wants to mine uranium in Ukraine

The nuclear group Areva plans to produce uranium in Ukraine in cooperation with the Ukrainian company VostGOK, Sergei Korolev, Areva representative in Ukraine announced Tuesday (Dec. 16) in Kiev. "For the moment, there are no concrete plans, but we are considering the possibility (to launch joint uranium production)." Korolev said. (RIA Novosti Dec. 17, 2014)

Ukraine to increase uranium production above 1000 t in 2011

Ukraine plans to increase uranium production above 1000 t in 2011. The increase is to be supplied by "industrial scale" mines in the Kirovograd and Dnipropetrovsk regions. (NRCU July 1, 2011)

Ukraine seeks to increase uranium production to supply reactors with its own uranium

Ukraine is seeking to supply its nuclear reactors with uranium mined in the country from 2015, Deputy Fuel and Energy Minister Natalia Shumkova said. Ukraine aims to increase uranium production to 5,000 metric tons a year in 2020 and 6,000 tons in 2030, from 830 tons, Shumkova said at a conference in Kiev today. The eastern European country needs to invest 9.9 billion hryvnia ($1.25 billion) in uranium output through 2013, she said. (Kyiv Post June 26, 2010)

Ukraine wants uranium cooperation with Russia

Ukraine wants to cooperate with Russia in the mining and processing of uranium. President Victor Yushchenko ordered the drafting of a related government agreement with Russia. (RIA Novosti Aug. 27, 2009)

South Korea and Ukraine sign agreement on nuclear cooperation and development of uranium deposits

A memorandum of understanding covering issues related to nuclear power and development of uranium deposits has been agreed between South Korea and Ukraine on June 25, 2007. The agreement particularly deals with information and technology exchange. (WNN June 28, 2007)

Ukraine to achieve self-sufficiency in uranium by 2013

Ukraine is planning to become self-dependent in terms of uranium supplies for its operating nuclear power plants by boosting annual production of this metal from the current 800 tonnes to 2,500 tonnes between 2007 and 2013, the republic's Fuel and Energy Ministry told RBC. The target is to reach an output level of 5,900 tonnes of uranium per year in 2014-2025, and 6,400 per year in 2025-2030. (RBC June 15, 2007)

Ukraine to double uranium production by 2010; five-fold increase envisaged by 2020

Ukrainian state company Vostochny Uranium Ore Mining (Vostochny GOK, Dnipropetrovsk region) plans to boost uranium output 120% between 2006 and 2010, increasing the level of uranium it provides to Ukrainian nuclear power stations to 71% from 32%. Pyotr Kuch, a senior engineer at Vostochny GOK, announced the forecast at a nuclear fuel cycle elements conference in Dniprodzerzhynsk. "The long-term uranium production plan envisages an almost five-fold increase in 2020 with the approval of the Novokonstantinovskoye uranium field project," he said. Improving the Novokonstantinovskoye field project could mean a 520% increase in production, which will meet Ukrainian nuclear power requirements and enable uranium to be exported, he added.
However, due to insufficient state budget funding, it will be necessary to raise off-budget funds. (Interfax Mar 21, 2006)

Ukraine could export natural uranium

Ukraine has the capability to export natural uranium, provided the financing is assured. Ukraine has prospects to provide 100% of its own uranium needs (rather than only 34.5% at present), and to export its surpluses, according to Minister Sergey Yermilov. While until last year, the market prices of natural uranium were below the production cost in Ukraine, there now already are orders for the purchase of natural uranium, for which capacities should be developed. (Ukraine Ministry of Fuel and Energy, Dec. 2, 2003)

Ukraine trebles uranium production

In April 1995, the Ukrainian government approved a nuclear fuel industry plan, scheduling a threefold increase of uranium production by the year 2003.

At present, uranium is being mined in the Ingul'skii and Vatutinskii mines near Kirovograd. The ore is processed in the Zholtiye Vody and Dniprodzerzhynsk mills. There is no official data available on the Ukrainian uranium production. The OECD estimate for the production in 1992 is 1000 tonnes of uranium.


Novokonstantinovskoye project, Kirovograd Region

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China interested in investing in Novokonstantinovskoye uranium mine: China is ready to participate in the construction of facilities for nuclear fuel production in Ukraine, the press service of the Energy and Coal Industry Ministry of Ukraine reported following the talks within the framework of the One Belt, One Road forum in Beijing. "China has expressed interest in the joint implementation of the investment project based at the mine, which is being constructed at the Novokostiantynivske uranium ore deposit, and is ready to take part in the construction of production facilities in Ukraine to manufacture fuel assemblies for Ukrainian nuclear power plants," the press service said. (Interfax May 15, 2017)

No uranium mill planned for Novokonstantinovskoye mine: Director General of Skhidny ore mining and processing enterprise, Oleksandr Sorokin said that the enterprise does not plan to build a hydrometallurgical plant near the Novokostiantynivske uranium field (Kirovohrad region), but it plans to build a heap leaching facility. "The idea is the following: high grade concentrate will be shipped to Zhovti Vody, and one third of extracted concentrate [from the Novokostiantynivske uranium field] will be processed at the heap leaching facility here, so one third of uranium will be produced here," he said. Sorokin added that industrial waste will be deposited back to the depth of the mining. (Interfax Jul. 8, 2011)
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Ukraine starts commercial mining of uranium at Novokonstantinovskoye field: The Eastern mining-and-processing integrated works (Zhovti Vody, Dnipropetrovsk region) has started commercial mining of uranium ore at the Novokonstantinovskoye field in Kirovohrad region, Ukrainian News has learned from a well-informed source. In his words, commercial mining began in June. A spokesman for the Eastern GOK confirmed this information to the agency, having specified that commercial development started on June 26.
Accompanying mining of uranium ore at the Novokonstantinovskoye field started in 2008. As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the integrated works has plans to make some 170 tons of uranium concentrate from the ore mined at the field in 2011. (Ukrainian News Agency July 4, 2011)

Ukraine plans to develop the Novokostiantynivske uranium field (Kirovohrad region) without Russia's participation, Rosatom Director General Sergey Kiriyenko said. (Ukrainian Journal May 25, 2011)

Kiev is in talks with Moscow on joint uranium extraction in Ukraine, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said Wednesday (July 28). "We have been holding and are holding very serious talks with Russia on construction of a plant" at the Novokonstantinovskoye uranium deposit in the Kryvyi Rih region of central Ukraine, Azarov said. (Moscow Times July 29, 2010)

Ukrainian President confirms ban on privatization of Novokostiantynivske uranium ore field: Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko has signed a law putting the Novokostiantynivske uranium ore field onto the list of state companies that are not subject to privatization, reads a Dec. 1 posting on the president's Web site. The law on amendments to the law on the list of statement-run companies that are not subject to privatization was adopted by the Ukrainian parliament on Oct. 21 and comes into effect from the moment of its publication. (Kyiv Post Dec. 1, 2009)

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has endorsed the Nuclear Fuel of Ukraine state program, says Natalia Shumkova, deputy minister of fuel and energy. She says in 2009 - 2013 it is planned to build on the basis of the Novokostiantyniv deposit a hydrometallurgical plant for the processing of uranium ore with a waste storage, launch the production of fuel assemblies, and create a full cycle of zirconium production, including production of tubular steel. In April 2008, the government set up the Nuclear Fuel concern based on the Eastern ore mining and dressing plant, the Novokostiantyniv uranium mine, state-run company Smoly, the Dnipropetrovsk works of precision pipes, and the Ukrainian scientific research, design and exploration institute of industrial technologies. (NRCU Sep. 25, 2009)

Ukraine is to begin operating an industrial unit to develop the Novokonstantinovskoye uranium ore deposit with Russia's corporate participation primarily to secure the needs of domestic nuclear power plants. The move is envisioned as an revised version of a development strategy for Ukraine's atomic energy sector for the period until 2030. It has already been submitted to the government for consideration. The document envisions starting to develop the lower levels and continuing to develop the Vatutinsky and Michurinsky uranium deposits and other such fields with the corporate participation of domestic and foreign investors primarily to replenish the state reserves of uranium concentrate and to sell excess amounts. (Interfax Aug. 20, 2007)

Ukraine has decided to begin development of the Novokonstantinovskoye uranium field in the Kirovograd Region, according to the regional administration's press office. More than USD 280 million has already been allocated for the purpose, the office said.
At the same time, local environmentalists have questioned the wisdom of the go-ahead, pointing to extremely high numbers of oncology cases associated with the uranium deposits. They are demanding that the region be declared an ecological disaster area. (ROSBALT March 30, 2004)


Surskoye, Gurevskoye uranium deposits (ISL), Dnipropetrovsk region

On Dec. 18, 2006, Uran Limited announced that it has entered into an agreement with The Department of Fuel and Energy of the Ukraine and SE VostGOK regarding the proposed joint development of two sedimentary-hosted uranium deposits located in the country's eastern region. Subject to completion of a positive feasibility study, it is expected to lay the foundations for Uran's transition to uranium production during 2007. The agreement covers the Surskoye and Gurevskoye uranium deposits, which are located in eastern Ukraine between Dnipropetrovsky and Zheltye Vody which is the site of VostGOK's uranium processing operations.


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