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Radiation Exposure from Denture Containing Uranium

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Up to the early 1980s, natural and depleted uranium has been widely used for dental porcelains to obtain a natural color and fluorescence of dentures and the superficial parts of crowns.
The original patent [Dietz 1942] describes the denture as having a body portion with a uranium contents of 0.01% to 0.1%, and an enamel portion with a uranium contents of 0.009% to 0.032%.
A further patent [Lee 1959] describes improvements obtained by the addition of cerium and, optionally, samarium. The uranium percentage range given in this patent is 0.004% - 0.15% uranium oxide.

In addition, increasingly, depleted uranium (DU) was used rather than natural uranium. This had two benefits ľ it was cheaper and it was less radioactive.

Later the uranium has been replaced by rare earth elements, such as cerium, terbium, dysprosium or samarium.

Workers Manufacturing Denture

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Exposure of Workers Manufacturing Denture

Wearers of Denture

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U.S. NRC standard for uranium in denture [NUREG-1717]:
  • 0.05 weight-percent (500 ppm)

German standard for uranium in denture [Zinke1994]:
  • 0.03 weight-percent (300 ppm)   (0.1 wt-% until 1987)

In the early 1980s, the last of the U.S. major manufacturers had phased out the addition of uranium in dental ceramics [NUREG-1717]. A 1993 (?) survey among German producers showed that none of them added uranium to their products at this time any longer.

Exposure of Denture Wearers


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