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Uranium Mine Feasibility Calculator

(last updated June 19, 2024)
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Calculate the economic feasibility of a uranium mine and mill.   HELP

  1. Select a predefined parameter set, or enter and/or change parameters at your discretion,
  2. enter a value into any one field of the Lifetime Material Balance (if none was preset), and
  3. click the "Calculate" button.

"t" = metric tonne, "Mt" = million t, "Mlbs" = million lbs, "M$" = $ million, $ = US$.

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Lifetime Material Balance
 Waste generatedReserve/Product
AmountAmountUranium contentsValue
[Mlbs U3O8][t U3O8][t U][M$]
Ore deposit  Mt Ore in situ
Mine Mt Waste Rock Mt Ore mined
Ore Sorting Mt Ore Reject Mt Ore post sorting
Mill Mt Mill Tailings t Ore Concentrate

Lifetime Cost Summary
Lifetime of operation: years
Oper. Cost
(Nominal Cost)
Mgmt. Cost
(True Cost)
Mining M$ M$ M$ M$ M$
Ore Sorting M$ M$ M$ M$ M$
Milling M$ M$ M$ M$ M$
Gen. & Admin. M$ M$ M$ M$ M$
Total M$
(=$/lb U3O8)
(=$/lb U3O8)
(=$/lb U3O8)
(=$/lb U3O8)
(=$/lb U3O8)
Share (nom.) % % %    
Share (true) % % % % %
  Profit / Loss at
Nominal Cost
  Profit / Loss at
True Cost
(Ore Concentrate Value ./. Cost) M$
(=$/lb U3O8)
(=$/lb U3O8)

Please be aware that in most cases the figures shown do not comprise further cost components, such as:
acquistion cost of the property/deposit, exploration cost, sales cost, taxes and royalties, among others.

Specific Results

Resulting Specific Operating Cost   [$/lb U3O8 in Ore Concentrate]
 Nominal OperatingLong-Term Management
Mining $/lb U3O8 $/lb U3O8
Ore Sorting $/lb U3O8 $/lb U3O8
Milling $/lb U3O8 $/lb U3O8
Gen. & Admin. $/lb U3O8 $/lb U3O8
Total $/lb U3O8 $/lb U3O8

Resulting Uranium Concentrations
 in Waste generatedin Reserve/Product
Ore deposit Uranium Ore in situ: wt_% U
MineWaste Rock: (conc. not specified)Uranium Ore mined: wt_% U
Ore SortingOre sorting reject: wt_% UUranium Ore post sorting: wt_% U
MillMill Tailings: wt_% UUranium Ore Concentrate: wt_% U

Resulting Mass Flow
Mine Actual Mine Ore production rate: Mt/a
Actual Mine capacity usage: %
Ore Sorting Percentage of uranium contents in mined ore rejected by sorting: wt_%
Mill Actual Mill Ore processing rate: Mt/a
Actual Mill capacity usage: %
Actual production rate of uranium in ore concentrate:
  Mlbs/a U3O8   =   t/a U3O8   =   t/a U
General Overall uranium recovery from Ore in situ to Ore concentrate: wt_%

Parameter Entry

Select Parameter Set:
OP = open pit · UG = underground · HL = heap leach · ISL = in situ leach


    Process Parameters    
Mine Grade of In Situ Ore: wt_% U   =   wt_% U3O8 (optional)
Waste/Ore Ratio:
Ore Production Capacity: Mt/a (optional)
Ore Extraction Losses: wt_%
Grade of Ore mined: wt_% U   =   wt_% U3O8
Ore Sorting Ore rejected: wt_%
Relative Ore grade improvement by sorting: %
Mill Ore Processing Capacity: Mt/a
Design Life: years (optional)
Extraction Losses: wt_% (auto estimate)
Uranium concentration in Ore Concentrate: wt_% U

    Cost Parameters    
 Capital CostNominal Operating CostLong-Term Management Cost
Mining $ per t/a mined
$ million
$ per t ore mined
$ per t waste rock
$ per t ore mined
$ per t waste rock
Ore Sorting $ per t/a mined
$ million
$ per t ore mined
$ per t ore reject
$ per t ore mined
$ per t ore reject
Milling $ per t/a milled
$ million
$ per t ore milled
$ per lb U3O8 produced
$ per t tailings
$ per t ore milled
$ per lb U3O8 produced
$ per t tailings
General and
$ per t/a mined
$ million
$ per t ore mined
$ per lb U3O8 produced
$ per t ore mined
$ per lb U3O8 produced
Year of assessment:       Inflation: %       take inflation into account

    Price Parameters    
 Market Price
Natural Uranium in
Ore Concentrate

$ per lb U3O8   =   $ per kg U

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