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Nuclear Fuel Cost Calculator

(last updated 5 Nov 2021)
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Calculates the cost of nuclear fuel produced from enrichment of natural uranium, and the associated waste management cost.

Enter a value into any one field of the Material Balance and click the "Calculate" button below. HELP
"t" means metric tonne.

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Material Balance
Natural Uranium input: t U3O8 (= t U)
Conversion t UF6 (= t U) (nat) 

t UF6 (= t U) (enriched) t UF6 (= t U) (depleted)
Fuel Fab. t UO2 (= t U) 
Power Plant GWhe ( = GWae) t spent fuel

Cost Summary (in Thousand US$)
 Nominal CostFuture Waste
Mgmt Cost
Natural Uranium
Fuel Fabrication
Subtotal (front end)
Spent Fuel 

Cost Summary Chart


    Cost Parameters    
 Market PriceFuture Waste Mgmt Cost
Natural Uranium
$ per lb U3O8
$ per lb U3O8 produced
Conversion$ per kg U$ per kg U converted
Enrichment$ per SWU$ per kg U in tails
Fuel Fabrication$ per kg U$ per kg U in fuel
Spent Fuel $ per kg U in spent fuel

    Process Parameters    
Conversion Losses: %
Enrichment Product Assay: wt-% U-235  ·  Tails Assay: wt-% U-235
Fuel Fabrication Losses: %
Power Plant Fuel Burnup: GWd/t U  ·  Efficiency: %

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