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Nuclear Fuel Chain Waste Activity Calculator

(last updated 5 Nov 2021)
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ORNL is the source of the decay data used in this calculator.

Calculate activities and radioactive decay of the wastes arising from nuclear fuel production and power plant operation: uranium mine waste rock, uranium mill tailings, depleted uranium, and spent fuel.

Enter a value into any one field of the Material Balance and click the "Calculate" button below. HELP
Numbers can be entered in exponential notation: 5 · 10-6 = 5e-6
"t" means metric tonne.

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Material Balance
Uranium Mine *) t Ore (= t U) t Waste Rock
Uranium Mill *) t U3O8 (= t U) t Mill Tailings
Conversion *) t UF6 (= t U) (nat) 
Enrichment *) t UF6 (= t U) (enriched) t UF6
(= t U) (depleted)
Fuel Fab. *) t UO2 (= t U) 
Power Plant GWhe ( = GWae) t spent fuel
(= t HM)
*) applies to UO2 fuel only

Output Parameters
Time PeriodChart Options
Start: a (years)
End: a (years)
no chart
total activities *)
Decades on vertical axis:
*) may take several minutes on old machines


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(Click legend items to toggle specific curves on/off)

    Process Parameters    
Ore Deposit *) Waste/Ore Ratio:  ·  Waste Rock Grade: wt-% U
Ore Grade: wt-% U
Mill *) Extraction Losses: %
Conversion *) Losses: %
Enrichment *) Tails Assay: wt-% U-235
Fuel Fabrication *) Losses: %
Power Plant Fuel · Type · Burnup · Initial Enrichment
 ·  Efficiency: %
*) applies to UO2 fuel only


ORNL is the source of the decay data used in this calculator.

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