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Uranium Biokinetics Calculator Vers. B

(last updated 1 Oct 2018)
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For optional graphical output, the browser must be HTML 5-capable.
The Calculator is based on portions of the ACTLITE code by K. F. Eckerman (1999). The hair model is adapted from W. B. Li (2009).
For educational purposes only. No warranty.

Calculate ICRP biokinetic model for uranium, enlarged by compartment for hair.

(For the standard version of the calculator, go to Uranium Biokinetics Calculator).

Enter a value into any one of the Calculator Panel fields, select the parameters and click the "Calculate" button to determine the corresponding values in the other Calculator Panel fields accordingly. HELP
Numbers can be entered in exponential notation: 5 · 10-6 = 5e-6

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Calculator Panel      
Control Panel
End Time:

Log. Timescale

Speed Factor

Extra Region(s):

Specific Intake: g/(day·kg)  
Lung Retention:
Kidney Retention:
Kidney Concentration: g/g  
Faeces Excretion:
Urine Excretion:
Hair Excretion:




Output Chart

(Click legend items to toggle specific curves on/off)

Log. Vertical Scale using Decades
(for charts using log. vertical scale see special notes )

Result Details
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Intake Parameters      HELP
Specific Activity
natural uranium
depleted uranium (0.2 wt_% U-235)
enriched uranium (3.5 wt_% U-235)
Intake RateIntake Duration
per day
per year
per liter water
per kg food
per m3 air


Exposure Parameters     HELP
Intake RouteTypeAge at IntakeDependent Values *)
Lung clearance type:
F   M   S   other:
Absorption parameters:
sr: per day
ss: per day

3 months
1 year
5 years
10 years
15 years

adult worker
Breathing rate: m3/h at
Water consumption rate: ltr per day
Food consumption rate: kg per day
GI absorption f1:
Body weight: kg
Kidney mass: g
Urine volume: ltr per day
Creatinine excretion in urine: g per day
Faeces mass: g per day
Hair growth rate: g per day
all other compounds
most tetravalent
compounds, e.g.
UO2, U3O8, UF4

CAUTION: "Ingestion" and "adult" must be checked for the hair model to work properly!

*) These values are initialized according to the settings in the other columns, but can be modified as needed.

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