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Nuclear Fuel Material Balance Calculator

(last updated 27 Jan 2015)
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There exists an enlarged version of this calculator, the Nuclear Fuel Energy and CO2 Balance Calculator, also allowing for calculation of an energy consumption and CO2 emission balance.

Calculate material balance for the front end of the nuclear fuel chain.

Enter a value into any one field of the flow chart and click the "Calculate" button below. HELP
"t" means metric tonne.

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Uranium Mine–> t Waste Rock
t Uranium Ore (= t U)
Uranium Mill–> t tailings solids
m3 tailings liquid
t U3O8 (= t U)
Conversion Plant–>t solid waste
m3 liquid waste
t UF6 (nat) (= t U)
–> Enrichment Plant–> t UF6 (depleted) (= t U)
t UF6 (enriched) (= t U)
Fuel Fabrication Plant–>m3 solid waste
m3 liquid waste
t UO2 (= t U)
Nuclear Power Plant–> t spent fuel
Electricity Production
GWhe ( = GWae)


    Process Parameters    
Ore Deposit Waste/Ore Ratio:  ·  Ore Grade: wt-% U
Mill Extraction Losses: %
Solids in tailings effluent: wt-%
Conversion Losses: %
Solid waste: t per t U  ·  Liquid waste: m3 per t U
Enrichment Product Assay: wt-% U-235  ·  Tails Assay: wt-% U-235
Specific Electricity Consumption: kWh/SWU
Fuel Fabrication Losses: %
Solid waste: m3 per t U  ·  Liquid waste: m3 per t U
Power Plant Fuel Burnup: GWd/t U  ·  Efficiency: %

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